This is for the Collegate season from Oct 24th thru Feb 11th

Club Dues include All Wrestling Practices, Club T-Shirt, Club shorts,
USA wrestling card, All League wrestling meets & Year end Party
We do give a discount to families with more than one wrestler
These fees are for the Collegiate season 
 Freestyle & Greco Will have its own fee

Single Wrestler

$185.00   Total required fees 
$  15.00  Singlet rental  
$200.00  Total with singlet

2  Wrestler Family

$320.00  Total required fees 
$ 30.00  Singlet rental
$350.00  Total with singlet's


3  Wrestler Family

$430.00  Total required fees
$ 45.00  Singlet rental 
$475.00  Total with singlet's

A Deposit For Singlet Rental is $35.00 per Singlet Please write a separate check for deposit. The check will be returned to you when the singlet is returned at the end of the season.

Do not let money be an issue, Talk to Terry or Jim 

Oregon City Wrestling Club